Venezuelan company with global scope

We offer services in three main areas: i.- Marine Consulting and Enginnering - Ship and Cargo Surveying,
ii.- Risk Engineering and Management for Energy/Industrial Sectors, and iii.- Loss Adjusting

Main board CREW

David N. Wilson, PhD (C.E.O.)
Marine Engineer / International Loss Adjuster / Expert Appraiser / International Risk Surveyor

  • 'Ph.D. - Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering' and 'British Chief Engineer', United Kingdom.
  • 'Bachelor of Science' (Engineering) Degree.
  • Memberships: Institute of Marine Engineers, Institution of Engineers-In-Charge and Association of Maritime Learned Societies.
  • Service on board as Engineering Officer and Machinery Chief in ships.
  • Served as Sales Warranty Engineer to shipowners, Mechanical Engineer and Claims Specialist in Marine Investigations for Internartional Adjusters Partnerships S.A.
  • Operation General Manager, Regional Engineering Manager and Regional Marine Manager (Center / South America and Caribbean) for Toplis and Hardling Group and Manager for ACD Group (Seaco Marine Ltd).
  • Experienced as Marine Engineer in the regions of: Europe, Asia, Africa, Mediterranean, USA, South Pacific, South America and Caribbean.

Surveyors CREW

Domingo P. Gargano, Captain
Marine Consultant / Risk Engineering Advisor

  • Merchant Navy Officer. Master Mariner Degree.
  • Post-grade studies in City of London Polytechnics (United Kingdom).
  • Two decades serving on board in Venezuelan oil tankers.
  • Worked in Marine Managing Area (planning and projects).
  • Managing experience in several marine companies.
  • Worked as project developer and naval building surveyor.
  • Experienced as surveyor in topics as: condition, appraisal, risk analysis and loss prevention in marine area for ACD Group and Seaco Marine.


Francisco G. Carvajal P., Engineer
Risk Engineering Advisor / Loss Adjuster

  • 'Ingeniero Químico' (Bachelor of Science - Engineering) Universidad Central de Venezuela-1974 / C.I.V N° 26.329.
  • 'Diplomado Salud Ocupacional' (Advanced Course on Occupational Health) Universidad José A. Páez – 200 hours).
  • Prevention and Fire Protection Coordinator for Ford Motor Venezuela C.A. and Industrial Security Chief for Moldeados Andinos C.A.
  • Risk Engineering and Loss Adjust Advisor for Excel Sociedad de Corretaje and Risk Surveyor for OGSEIR S.A. and SEGUROSCA.
  • Chief of Prevention Department for D.F. Firefighters Brigade, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • More than one hundred of enterprises / plants visited (locally and internationally) as Engineering Risk Advisor.
  • University professor in the insurance area, has given several courses and seminars on topics as: Risk, Fire Protection and Fire Prevention in different universities.
  • Instructor for D.F. Firefighters Brigade.
  • Has taken several courses and seminars in topics as: Risk Managing, Fire Protection, Loss Adjust, Emergencies Managing, Standardization, Quality Management, Pump Design, Rescue, Toxic Material Handling and similar.

Surveyors CREW

Efraín D. Contreras B., Engineer
Risk Engineering Advisor / Loss Adjuster

  • 'Ingeniero Industrial' (Bachelor of Science - Engineering) Universidad Católica Andrés Bello – 1974) / C.I.V N° 15.107.
  • Registered 'Loss Adjuster' (N° I – 789).
  • Registered 'Risk Surveyor' (N° I – 46).
  • Loss Adjuster for: Seaco Marine S.A., Cunningham Lindsey, Lamsaki and Associates, ECORISE, D.W. Despacho de Ajustadores, and Graham Miller.
  • Risk Surveyor and Appraiser for Jorge A. Chávez Corredores & Asesores de Seguros, and his own company Efrain Danilo Contreras B - Ajustador de Pérdidas C.A.
  • Fire Equipment Division Manager for Walco Industrial C.A. and Surveyor, Designer and Installer of Fire Systems for GANB Inspectores de Riesgos Asociados.
  • Experienced in areas as: Machinery and Equipment Appraisal; Fire Protection Projects; Industrial Security Projects; Sales and Installation of Fire Protection Systems, Access Control Systems and Security / Surveillance Equipment.
  • Has taken several courses (locally and internationally) in topics as: fire prevention, detection and fighting, standardization and quality control.


Manuel E. Castillo, Engineer
Risk Engineering Advisor / Loss Adjuster

  • 'Ingeniero Mecánico' (Bachelor of Science – Engineering) Universidad Central de Venezuela – 1987).
  • Consulting Engineer and Technical Adviser in topics as: Energy & Power Management: Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Harnessing / Conventional & Alternative Energy sources managing / Project, Maintenance & Engineering Management / Rotating Equipments / Combined Heat and Power (CHP) / Single Cycle (GT or ST) or Combined Cycle or Hydro Power Generation, Industrial Processes (Oil & Gas) / Air & Gas Compressed Plants / Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Pumping Systems.
  • Risk Surveyor and Loss Adjuster for IRES (International Risk Engineering Services) and W. Möller, C.A. International Loss Adjusters.
  • Technical Director & Engineering Manager for ARGOS, C.A. - Tecnología & Industria and Don White Company de Venezuela, C.A. International Trading Company.
  • Deputy Division Manager & ABB Turbocharger Manager (Business Unit Manager) for Asea Brown Boveri, S.A. Caracas, Venezuela. Power Generation and Turbocharger Division.
  • University professor in Universidad Central de Venezuela.
  • Several short and mid-term courses in topics as: Power Generation, Turbochargers, Turbines, Equipment Monitoring, Metallurgical Processes, Maritime Transportation, Termography, and others.
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