Venezuelan company with global scope

We offer services in three main areas: i.- Marine Consulting and Enginnering - Ship and Cargo Surveying,
ii.- Risk Engineering and Management for Energy/Industrial Sectors, and iii.- Loss Adjusting


The Industrial and Commercial facilities surveyed by our personnel cover a wide range of types. From USA to Ecuador, Cushing Associates has historically developed a recognized work through the Americas.

The latest Risk Engineering Surveys we have done include:

Power Generation Area:

  • Venezuelan Electrical Generation System (more than 15 medium and large thermal/hydroelectrical plants owned by State Corporation CORPOELEC).
  • Thermal power plants (the main ones in the country, owned by State Authority PREPA) – Puerto Rico.
  • Hydroelectric plant Tucuruí (fourth greatest in his type around the world and owned by State Company ELETRONORTE) – Brazil.
  • Hydroelectric plants of Paute and Mazar (owned by State Company HIDROPAUTE) – Ecuador.

Petroleum and Petrochemical Area:

  • Venezuelan gas production facilities (Cryogenic Complex Ulé, second biggest in the country, owned by State Company PDVSA)
  • Venezuelan heavy crude oil enhancing plants: Petrocedeño, Petroanzoátegui, Petromonagas and Petrozuata (owned by State Company PDVSA and global associates at Cryogenic Complex of Jose)

Iron and Steelmaking Area:

  • Turbines installed at main electric plant operated by Siderúrgica del Orinoco – SIDOR (owned by State Holding CVG) – Venezuela.
  • COMSIGUA (Midrex Technology - Hot Briquetted Iron production plant owned by State Holding CVG) – Venezuela.
  • Orinoco Iron (FIOR Technology - Hot Briquetted Iron production plant owned by State Holding CVG) – Venezuela.

Food and Drinks Area:

  • COPOSA (biggest oil for human consumption plant owned by private holding COPOSA) – Venezuela.
  • Planta Cervecera BRAHMA (one of biggest beer production plants in Latin America, owned by a Brazil-Venezuela private holding) – Venezuela.

Press and TV Area:

  • Bloque Dearmas tower, which houses: Meridiano Televisión TV channel, 2.001 and Meridiano dailies rotary press machines, and administrative-warehousing facilities (owned by private holding Dearmas) – Venezuela.
  • Editorial Primavera and Distribuidora Continental headquarters and rotary press machines. These companies are the main Venezuelan printers and sellers of local and international magazines (owned by private holding Dearmas) – Venezuela.

Railway Area:

  • Section Barquisimeto-Yaritagua of the Venezuelan Railway System (owned by State Authrority IFE).

Cement and Concrete Area:

  • The whole goup of Portland type cement plants (Pertigalete, Guayana, Lara and Mara) owned by state holding Corporación Socialista del Cemento.
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